Mixing and Other Processing Equipment from the Heart of Europe

Our more than 30 years of experience in production of mixing and other processing equipment allows us to offer our customers efficient technological solutions to any problems, from simple to the most complex.Our company has its own production facilities, equipped with the newest metalworking equipment, allowing us to make technological designs of any complexity.

The company owns an 8,000 sq. m. production area which includes manufacturing plants, warehouses, office space, and open areas.

Our manufacturing facilities include the following machines among others:

  • Okuma Multus B200 CNC 5 Axis Dual spindle lathe
  • Flow Water Jet cutting machine Mach 2 Series
  • Hydraulic guillotine shears LVD 4300 mm 6/3 mm stainless/carbon steel
  • Plasma/Tig 3500 mm Messer automatic butt seam welding machine Plasma
  • Fronius welding equipment
  • Spot welding machine
  • Davi MCA3028 Plate roll bending machine, 4 rolls, roll width 3100 mm, rolling 14mm, pre-bending 10mm
  • Bead forming machine
  • Several emery machines
  • Profile bending machine BPR
  • Slotting machine
  • Flanging machine Max Plate Thickness (mild steel) 15 mm, min plate thickness 3 mm, max head diameter 4000mm, min head diameter 800mm
  • Mobilformer MKF140/32 Eckold — It covers a sheet thickness range from 6.0 to 15.0 mm in mild steel material and 6.0 to 12.0 mm in stainless steel.
  • Kraftformer Eckold, diameter of dish bottom up to 4000 mm
  • CNC hydraulic press brakes Ermaksan and Megobal, 2.6 and 4 meters long, 130 ton
  • Metal spinning machine diameter 720 mm, length 1100mm
  • Lathes, diameter up to 1500mm, length 3200 mm
  • 3-axes vertical miling machine, table length 1800 mm
  • Comaca EHN-260/6 Corner notching machine
  • Jutec Tube bending machine
  • Hardening equipment
  • Automatic saws for metal
  • Different shears for cutting metal circles
  • A lot of custom made machines, accessories, and implements


We can use the free production capacity for cooperation and can offer OEM service.

During production, we do not use parts, or semi-finished products made ​​in China or other Asian countries.

How to check whether the equipment is actually produced at our own production site of the manufacturer or delivered completely ready, or in the form of semi-finished products from China?

Before ordering equipment, try to arrange a plant manufacturer visit. Rate the level of technical hardware of the plant, the availability of equipment which is being currently produced, presence, amount, and types of production personnel.

Learn about the possibility of changing the design on commercially manufactured products. If the manufacturer talks about the impossibility of change, for example, the location of the hatch or technological connections, it may mean that the product is manufactured in large quantities in the Asian region.

We invite all potential customers to the production site, so you can personally assess our technical hardware, as well as discuss the design features of the equipment you need. Our experienced engineers are ready to adapt commercially produced equipment to the needs of a particular customer or to develop and manufacture a new design according to the customer's specifications.


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