Enigma IMH series inline mixers homogenizers are intended for intense mixing, homogenization, dispersion, and emulsion of a wide range of products in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries. It is suitable for products with both low and high viscosity, at various temperatures.

The IMH-series inline homogenizers are a universal solution that can be easily integrated into existing production lines, allowing you to significantly increase the quality and intensity of your process. To increase the intensity of the mixing and homogenization process, inline homogenizers usually work with a recirculation tank, and the desired level of homogenization is achieved after the product has made several passes through the recirculation loop.

How it works

Within the homogenizer there is a working body of the rotor–stator type. The product is sucked through the feed fitting (usually by means of a feed pump) and the rotor sends it to a stator. As it passes across the stator gap, the product is subjected to the rotor’s intense cutting action at a speed of over 20 m/s, after which it leaves the working area at high speed.


This type of homogenizer has a rather weak pumping action, so when working with products with a viscosity of over 200 Cp it is necessary to use a feed pump synchronized with the homogenizer’s performance to prevent cavitation breaks.


Depending on the application, this inline homogenizer can have one or two stages of processing. For some applications, the most effective method will be hybrid execution, where two methods of processing are combined with alternating axial and ring steps.


Example applications:

  • Creams, spreads, solutions, pastes, oils, and lotions in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
  • Pastes, lubricants, and dyes in the chemical industry
  • Mayonnaise and other sauces, yogurts, fatty topping, homogenized cheese masses, emulsifying oils, juices, drinks, nectars, and syrups in the food industry



  • Adjustable gap between rotor and stator
  • High speed of 6000/12000 rpm
  • Pharmaceutical compliance
  • Repeated step of homogenization
  • Hybrid execution
  • Heating jacket
  • Explosion-proof compliance


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