Enigma BT bottom homogenizers allow you to prepare any homogenized solutions, emulsions, mixtures or pastes in the tank itself, when high output and mixing efficiency is required. Bottom homogenizers work effectively with containers of any capacity.

Mixer homogenizers mountable in a tank, depending on their application, can be mounted onto the bottom or the side of the tank, or at the juncture of the bottom and the side (bottom or side mounted).

Advantages of the ENIGMA BT bottom entry (tank bottom)  mixers homogenizers :


  • This is the only type of homogenizer that allows for efficient processing of products where the primary mixture contains settling particles that are difficult to process with an immersion homogenizer or an inline homogenizer.
  • The highest possible efficiency in terms of power versus production capacity.
  • There is no need for a piping.
  • You don’t have to pump the product around.
  • There is no need for a recirculation loop
  • The intensive flow created by the homogenizer allows for even homogenizing of the entire product irrespective of the tank capacity.
  • Seals are cooled effectively by the product.


Bottom homogenizers work independently and effectively when processing products with low viscosity and when dissolving powder components. When working with viscous products, the homogenizer is used with a low-speed agitator or scrapers.


The product is sucked with great intensity into the central part of the working body and is radially ejected with high shearing force, passing through the rotor/stator. A high degree of homogenization and blending is achieved after only a few passes through this loop.


Enigma BT bottom homogenizers work effectively with tanks at atmospheric pressure, with vacuum tanks, or with high pressure.


The bottom homogenizer may have only one or two stages of homogenization, or it have also have ultra high shear version depending on the desired application.



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