Double cone blenders are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and other industries to produce homogenous mixtures out of bulk components. Blending is carried out through the force of gravity, as there is no moving part and this makes it possible to blend granular and brittle products without damaging them, as well as making it possible to blend abrasive products with minimal wear on parts. Mixing efficiency is achieved through axial displacement of the product and is determined by tilt angles of the working chamber.

The Mixema Bicone blender is designed with two symmetrical cones joined by a central cylindrical part. The axis of turning is perpendicular to the axis of the cone and goes through the cylindrical section. The blender’s design ensures high uniformity of blending thanks to its ability to move the product in multiple directions without dead zones and ensuring full discharge of the contents. The throughput and the intensity of blending depends on the speed at which the blending chamber turns.

The product is loaded through an upper loading hatch, while unloading is done though a hermetically sealed disc discharge valve, which ensures full discharge of the product without any dead zones. The blender’s chamber can be fixed in place at the top or bottom position for loading and unloading.


The blender is equipped with a barrier with an electronic indicator that prevents the operator from entering the working area while the blender is on. When the indicator is triggered, operation of the blender will be interrupted.


Advantages of the Mixema double-cone blender

  • High performance
  • Highly effective blending
  • Gentle blending of products that are very fragile or have various inclusions without damaging them
  • Additional options on request



  • Manufactured from AISI304/AISI316L steel
  • Access platform for maintenance
  • Vacuum loading
  • Dust-free unloading system
  • Weight-based tensometric system
  • Validation documentation for use in the pharmaceutical industry
  • and more


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