The MIXEMA Intense-F ploughshare mixers are the most efficient choice for industrial mixing of a wide range of food products, loose additives to which liquid might need to be supplied, as well as low-viscosity pastes.


Example uses in the food industry

  • Muesli
  • Tea blends
  • Powdered milk
  • Cocoa
  • Sugar
  • Ice-cream mixes
  • Spices
  • Starch
  • And many others

The high mixing intensity and highest level of homogeneity is achieved with the help of a high-speed agitator. The working bodies, which are in the form of a plough with a sharp tip, are set radially on the central shaft. The speed at which the shaft turns depends on the volume of the mixer, and the radial speed at which the ploughs turn creates a turbulent flow that captures particles of product and mixes them together within the shortest possible time.


For intensifying the mixing process, the Mixema Intense-F mixers are optionally supplied with high-speed choppers with individual drivers, which supply extra energy to the product movement, eradicate any clumps in products that tend to such, and also help in the controlled granulation process.


If you need to add liquid components (e.g. vitamin and mineral complexes in the form of solution) the Mixema Intense-F mixer is supplied with a system for dosed supply with special spray nozzles, which feed the liquid into the chopper’s working area to prevent clumping.


The wide range of options allows customers to choose the best mixer for their budget and needs.


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