Delicate and effective

Mixers with a rotating drum are one of the most inexpensive, easy to use and effective solutions for the delicate mixing of bulk products, which have a low bulk density. They are the ideal solution for mixing friable products – which cannot be mixed with intense exposure to stirring elements – and also for abrasive products. Due to the absence of a mechanical mixing element, combined with low-speed mixing, the product neither breaks up nor heats up.


Only products that do not clump and stick can be processed in this type of mixer


The Mixema RotaMix series with rotating drums can be manufactured either for batch or continuous operation processes.


Advantages of the Mixema RotaMix rotating drum mixer

  • EU-made, with high-quality European materials and components
  • Low cost
  • The simplicity and reliability of the design
  • The versatility, ease and speed of change from mixing one product to another
  • Gentle and efficient mixing without heating and damage
  • Consistently high quality of the finished mixture, without damage to the structure of the large pieces of a friable product
  • Complete unloading of the product via the combined inlet and outlet. 
  • No moving elements within the mixing chamber
  • Lack of dead zones
  • Easy to handle, sanitary design
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Low operating costs


The design of the RotaMix mixer consists of a movable drum, fixed on a frame either horizontally or at an incline. The large volume drum rotates on rollers.

An inlet/outlet hatch is provided for loading and unloading of the product. Loading is performed when the hatch is in the top position, unloading when the hatch is in the bottom position.

Blending of the product occurs due to rotation of the drum, in which the product is raised to a certain height by means of ribs installed within it, and the force of gravity, which directs the product to the bottom of the drum. The degree of homogeneity of the mixture is regulated by setting the mixing time, and is determined empirically for each product.

Depending on the type of product, the rotational axis may coincide either with the axis of symmetry of the drum, or with its diagonal. The shape of the drum varies, depending on its size and application, and is designed to keep the ratio of drum length to its diameter as short as possible for maximum mixing efficiency.

In the continuous method of operation of the RotaMix mixer, the mixing product moves from the inlet section to the discharge hatch; the rate of passing of the product through the mixing chamber is regulated by the inclination angle of the drum.

Capacity of the Rotamix mixer is up to 70 % of the total volume of the rotary drum.

Standard models of Mixema Rotamix mixers with rotating drums are available for volumes of 50-10000 liters; larger volume capacities are available on request.

Optionally RotaMix mixers can be equipped with spray nozzles for dose feeding of additional components such as salt, flavorings, glazing and the like.


Examples of application include


  • flavored tea blends,
  • muesli
  • adding salt in extruded snacks
  • tablet glazing


Optional extras


  • Material used AISI304, AISI316, carbon steel, or other on request
  • Adjustable roller speed
  • Dosing application of solid and liquid additives
  • Vacuum performance
  • Heating or cooling jacket
  • Special design engineering, depending on customers’ needs
  • Explosion-proof version, ATEX certification
  • Validation documentation for the pharmaceutical industry


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