Creating a stable homogeneous emulsion without lumps when adding powder ingredients to liquid is one of the most difficult tasks out of all the areas of mixing — especially when it comes to specific applications, such as using explosive components.


The Mixema FlashPro mixer is designed specifically for high-performance “adding powder to liquid” components, such as thickeners, gums, and the like, while working in a batch, using continuous modes, or using combined modes of operation in mobile or stationary versions. The mixer’s design consists of a high-speed dispersing homogenizer rotar-stator type including a pumping section, loading chamber, protective grille, desktop, and overall frame on mobile or stationary supports. The Mixema FlashPro mixer’s design is highly hygienic in accordance with GMP FDA regulations.


Examples of Applications

  • Powder milk recovery
  • Dissolution of thickeners and stabilizers such as pectin and xanthan gum
  • Adding emulsifiers
  • Making pickles and syrups
  • Adding titanium dioxide
  • Pharmaceutical suspension
  • And more


Ongoing Processes

  • De-agglomeration
  • Mixing
  • Dissolution
  • Creating emulsion
  • Homogenization


The Mixema FlashPro mixer is suitable for a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries, and is effectively used to dissolve large or small amounts of liquid doses of powder ingredients, as well as for the treatment of products with different viscosities, from easy to highly viscous fluids. The Mixema FlashPro mixer is also used for creating supersaturated solutions of a "product water" in the "water in a product," and adjusting the content of dry components in the mixture to 90%.


In the Mixema FlashPro mixer series, an innovative system of adding powder ingredients directly into the working chamber of a homogenizer is implemented, which can significantly increase the mixer’s capacity without clogging, avoiding air contact, as well as wetting and dissolving the powder components in the stream.



  • Suitable for a wide range of products and applications
  • Mixing in a batch, in continuous or combined mode
  • High performance, dissolving large volume of dry ingredients without clogging
  • Repeatable results, consistently high quality homogeneous mixtures from batch to batch
  • When integrating the Mixema FlashPro mixer in an existing batch process of dissolving the powder ingredients, it is possible to drastically reduce the time of product processing.
  • Ability of explosion-proof ATEX version
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Available with bundled validation documentation for use in the pharmaceutical industry





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