The MIXEMA ConMix container mixer: mixing in transport containers

Intended for mixing a wide range of loose and granular products in a transport container, the MIXEMA ConMix mixer is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries for its high level of hygiene due to the absence of any spillage from transport containers during processing.

Another major advantages of this kind of mixing is that it shortens the time needed to mix each batch, as you don’t have to load and unload products.

It ensures high uniformity of the final mixture due to the intense multidirectional movement of the container. The absence of a moving part allows effective mixing of granular or fragile products without damaging them. Blending is carried out through the force of gravity.


Maximum efficiency: the mixer is always used only for mixing, while loading and unloading the product is done separately.


ConMix series mixers can also be used for dissolving solid components in liquid ones.


High-speed intensifiers can be optionally installed for carrying out controlled granulation and dispensing liquid components in specified amounts.


The MIXEMA ConMix mixers can be made for any kind of container at the customer’s request.


If needed, the mixer can be manufactured with a non-removable tank.


Advantages of the MIXEMA ConMix container mixers:

Universal application. You can quickly switch to mixing another product without having to clean the mixing chamber.

Designed to the highest level of hygiene, with no risk of contamination, and no need to load and unload product

High uniformity of mixing

Gentle mixing that doesn’t damage fragile parts or granules

It’s efficient


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