The Mixema Intense is one of the most efficient types of mixer for dry ingredients, powders and granular products, allowing for the addition of various liquid components and for products with low viscosity. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

Mixema Intense ploughshare (plow) mixers are manufactured for a specific product, and to meet individual customer requirements.


The design of the mixer

The standard design of the ploughshare mixer consists of a horizontal cylindrical vessel and a mixing shaft with agitating blades of special form (so-called " plows "). High intensity mixing is achieved not only by the mechanical action of the mixing blades, but also by the creation of the so-called fluidized-product layer, which occurs with certain combinations of parameters, such as the radial velocity of rotation plows, and their shape, number and positioning. The turbulent eddy flows generated in the mixing process eliminate the potential for dead zones, and provide highest final mixture homogeneity. The special shape of the working elements prevents the product from being pressed against the sides of the vessel, lifting it and keeping it in constant motion.

If required, and depending on the properties of the product in terms of control of the mixing process, the mixer can be equipped with additional elements, such as high speed choppers with a separate drive, to prevent clumping and for controlled granulation; various nozzles for adding the liquid components, to form granules; or a dispensing system to provide humidification of the product.

Mixema Intense ploughshare mixers are manufactured in two types. The batch ploughshare mixer type operates in     " load product – mix – unload the product " mode. In the continuous type ploughshare mixer Mixema Intense-C, the product during the mixing process moves forward from the loading hopper to the discharge unit and passes to further treatment with minimal operator involvement.


Features of Mixema Intense ploughshare mixers

  • Mixers are made of stainless steel AISI316L, AISI304, carbon steel and its combinations. Other materials are possible on request
  • Volume of the mixer from 50 to 10,000 liters, or more on request
  • Continuous or batch type mixing
  • Extremely high quality treatment of metal surface and welded seams
  • Design and surface finish suitable for pharmaceutical use
  • Easy and economical maintenance
  • Easy cleaning and access of all internal surfaces
  • High intensity mixing
  • Short mixing time
  • Low energy costs
  • High uniformity and high stability of the mixing results, guaranteeing maintaining of quality of mixtures for each subsequent batch
  • The product is processed rapidly  but gently
  • There are other options available upon request




  • High-speed individually driven choppers
  • Spray nozzles for adding liquid components
  • Dosing of additional components
  • Vacuum performance
  • Heating or cooling jacket
  • Variable speed rotation of the mixing shaft
  • CIP and SIP processing
  • Air seal shaft
  • Special devices and configurations for loading and unloading of product
  • Surfaces with a high degree of wear resistance
  • Reinforced construction and use of special materials
  • Development of individual design for the technology needs of the customer
  • Development of design subject to overall limits
  • Validation documents for pharmaceutical use
  • Explosion-proof version and ATEX certification


Examples of application


  • Pharmaceutical powders and granules
  • Tea blends
  • Sugar blends
  • Flour mixes
  • Ice cream mixes
  • Muesli
  • Vitamin and mineral supplements
  • Spices
  • Fertilizers
  • Animal feed
  • and similar


The capacity of the mixer depends on the bulk density of the product and other factors, and generally does not exceed 70% of the total volume. Installed drive power depends on the size of the mixer and the product. For appropriate selection of a ploughshare mixer, please use our online questionnaire.



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