The Mixema inline pin mixers are designed for mixing liquid, viscous and highly viscous substances, efficiently mixing components with varying density, and mixing low-viscosity products into high-viscosity ones.

The Mixema inline pin mixers are designed for preparing all manner of highly homogenous mixes from multiple components in industries with the highest requirements for the homogeneity of the mixed components.

They are widely used in the food (dairy, confectionery, food concentrate, etc.), cosmetic, chemical, and other industries for producing pastes and creams, sealants, and other such products.


How it works


The basic product is fed through an inlet fitting, while through the side openings 1–5 components (or more upon request) are fed.


Inside the working chamber there are special pins (or knives) installed, which rotate and mix the product in a continuous flow, so that an homogeneous mixture is obtained upon discharge with a high degree of distribution of components throughout the volume of the mixture.


The indispensable feature of the Mixema inline pin mixer for mixing thick, non-flowing materials is that within the relatively small area of the mixing plane (pins), excellent disintegration of components is achieved through the high rotation speed of these pins, which compensates for the small plane on which they act.


You can obtain the best results for each product by regulating the speed of the basic product’s flow (with a pump bypass) and the speed at which the pins turn (with a frequency inventer).


Advantages of this kind of mixing


  • The continuous mixing process allows you to optimize your production process, increase output, lower costs for managing the process, and it ensures consistently high quality of the ready product.
  • It offers high performance in small dimensions
  • It can mix a large amount of components in a flow simultaneously
  • Uniform distribution along the entire volume
  • Easy to maintain and repair


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