The MIXEMA DSR double-shaft spiral ribbon mixer is designed for quick and thorough mixing of loose, viscous, and highly viscous products, distributing even small quantities of liquid or solid additions throughout the entire mass of the product.


The MIXEMA DSR  spiral ribbon mixer includes a double-shaft spiral agitator shaped like a screw. The range of operation of the spirals reaches to the other shaft, which guarantees the absence of dead zones and the maximum evenness of mixing.


Thanks to the screw shape of their spirals, MIXEMA DSR mixers have a transporting function and can operate in batches or in continuous mode.



MIXEMA DSR mixers meet high requirements for cleaning the mixer after processing viscous products in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. MIXEMA DSR double-shaft spiral ribbon mixers are supplied with an integrated perimetrical CIP (clean-in-place) system, which allows detergent to be efficiently supplied to the walls, shafts, and all sides of the spiral agitator with no dead zones.


Complete discharge of product is carried out by means of a knife gate valve which ensures full discharge of the product without dead zones.



  • Short mixing time. The mixture reaches a high degree of homogeneity after only a few minutes of mixing. Two shafts, the spiral shape of stirrers, and their maximum range ensure even and intense contact of the stirrer with the product within the entire area of the tank without dead zones.
  • The entire mixer or parts in contact with the product can be manufactured from any material
  • It can operate in batch or continuous mode
  • Highly hygienic thanks to its special perimetrical CIP cleaning system.
  • Ideal for high-quality mixing of loose, viscous, and highly viscous products.



  • Can be designed for vacuum or for operation under high pressure
  • Heating or cooling jacket, thermal insulation layer
  • Air seal shaft
  • Different agitator shape
  • Single shaft version
  • Loading and unloading areas of any design
  • Systems for continuously feeding products into the mixer
  • Pharmaceutical industry version with a set of validation documentation


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