The MIXEMA SHS mixer has been specially developed for mixing particularly complex mixtures which practically do not flow, which have low density, and which are characterized as foamed. The mixer ensures that a fully homogenous structure is achieved and that even a small amount of contents are even distributed through the entire volume of product. 


This specially designed spiral high-speed mixer evenly mixes the product; the design of the blades continuously lifts the product up, which ensures mixing in both radial and axial directions.


It’s hygienic


MIXEMA SHS-series mixers are equipped with a diametrical CIP head for symmetrical and uniform cleaning of the mixing chamber from all sides. Unlike traditional CIP heads, which leave dead zones, the diametrical CIP head used in the MIXEMA SHS allows rinsing even the reverse side of the mixer and shaft from all sides.


Depending on the volume of the mixing chamber and the type of the product, the mixer shaft can be optionally supported on the bottom. There is no mechanical seal in the lower part of the shaft, which guarantees that there are no dead zones that mixing and cleaning cannot reach.


The bottom opens completely to unload the product by means of a blade shutter gate, which allows fully discharging the product without any residue or dead zones.


The forced discharge system ensures complete unloading of products, even non-liquid ones, without any traces.



  • The final mix has a high degree of homogeneity, with uniform distribution of even a small amount of liquid or solid additives
  • Forced discharge of high-viscosity products
  • Full discharge of the product through a blade shutter gate
  • No sealing in the lower part of the shaft, there are no dead zones or risk of contaminating the product with grease



  • Can be manufactured from different materials
  • Vacuum operation or working at high pressure
  • Heating or cooling jacket
  • Double helix mixer
  • Choppers for breaking up clumps
  • Dosed supply of liquid components through spray nozzles
  • Pharmaceutical compliance and a set of validation documentation


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