Planetary mixers are used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries for mixing products of medium to high viscosity (up to 8,000,000 cP, depending on the shape of the stirrer), including adhesive products. Mixema Plamix planetary mixers are an effective range for use in mixing the following combinations:


  • liquid with liquid products
  • liquid and dry ingredients
  • several types of dry products
  • and dry and pasty products


The design of the mixer consists of an atmospheric or vacuum working vessel, which can be equipped with heating or cooling jacket. The lifting lid is equipped with two shafts, each of which rotates around its axis while the radial movement is on a common axis. Within a few minutes of the mixing, the device is in contact with the entire inner surface of the vessel. The product, while moving from the periphery to the center of the vessel, is scraped from the walls by the working blades, that move in complex circular paths, making the product particles randomly collide in counter stream masses. The high efficiency design of Mixema planetary mixers allows for even distribution in the viscous product, even when additives are introduced in an amount of less than 1%.


Since planetary mixers are most commonly used for the treatment of "hard products ", each mixer is designed individually, according to the specific product and the conditions for its mixing. Selection of the drive power in this type of mixer is not mainly determined by the capacity, but by the product type and its physical properties, the necessary load capacity and the mixing time. The shape and area of ​​the agitator also depends on the type of product. The presence of horizontal cross-sections is unacceptable in the processing of a product with especially high viscosity, as it significantly complicates the lifting and lowering of the agitator into the product. For products with a viscosity more than 3,000,000 cP, an agitator with helical blades is used, which provide highly efficient mixing. On completion of the mixing cycle, less product remains on the agitator’s blades, making it easy to clean.


Adding small amounts of additives

Due to the special design of the working vessel and agitator, it is possible to insert and uniformly distribute amounts of additional ingredients as small as 1 % of the total product in a paste or high viscosity product.


Low shearing mixing

Besides the mixing of highly viscous products, planetary mixers are used for the treatment of products which are sensitive to high shear energy and mechanical deformation. Using a planetary mixer allows for mixing of especially viscous gels and pastes, that at high energy shear mixing in another type of mixer, would lose their viscosity; or which contain in their structure fragile inclusions, which should not be destroyed.


Mixing abrasive products

The combination of high efficiency and short mixing time helps to ensure successful mixing of highly abrasive viscous formulations, by reducing the wear of the working blades in contact with the product.


Mixing of flammable and explosive products


The special shape of the agitator ensures maximum uniform heat transfer within the working vessel, which is especially important in the control and elimination of local overheating in the product, during the mixing of flammable and explosive compositions.


Advantages of Mixema Plamix planetary mixers

  • Use of high quality materials and components; own manufacturing facilities in the EU
  • Engineering individually tailored to the mixing of specific products
  • High uniformity of mixture, even with difficult-to-mix products, and the blending of additives in an amount less than 1 % of the total volume of the product
  • High efficiency and short mixing time
  • Ability to mix complex products – including those which are highly viscous, explosive, abrasive, and sensitive to high-energy shear
  • Sanitary design, according to the requirements of the FDA and GMP; easy cleaning and maintenance
  • High quality and reliability; a long, trouble-free service life


Optional extras

  • Use of special materials
  • Overpressure or vacuum inside the container
  • Cooling and heating jacket
  • Special form of agitator
  • Varying agitator speed in one mixing cycle
  • Special seal materials
  • Explosion-proof version; ATEX certification
  • Development of an individual design, to fit customer's specifications
  • Validation documentation for use in the pharmaceutical industry



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