Intensive and effective mixing for highly viscous products


The Mixema Extra-V mixer is designed for use in cases where the product, due to its viscosity, cannot be processed in a planetary mixer, Sigma mixer or other mixers for viscous mass. It is commonly used in the chemical, construction, and food industries, amongst others.


The design of the mixer consists of a mixing chamber mounted on a frame. The mixer element is a specially shaped blade cutting-head, which is integrated into the bottom of the vessel. The special geometry of the vessel’s sides provides intensive vertical movements of the treated mixture, under the influence of the cutting head, and provides for a high degree of homogeneity of the highly viscous product. 


Components are loaded through fully opening the top cover; the homogeneous mass is unloaded by reversing the stirrer.

Mixers are made of stainless steel AISI316L, AISI304, carbon steel and its combinations. Other materials are possible on request.


Advantages of the mixer Mixema Extra-V for highly viscous products


Ability to handle particularly viscous formulations

Simple and reliable design

Low cost, compared to Sigma shaped or planetary mixers

Easy loading and unloading of viscous mass

Serviceability and easy sanitizing

Lack of unmixed zones

FDA and GMP approved design


Optional extras

Vacuum performance

Heating or cooling jacket

Controlled adding of additional components

The use of special materials

Special design engineering, depending on customers’ needs

 Explosion-proof version, ATEX certification

Validation documentation for use in pharmaceutical industry





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