CosmoMix series vacuum emulsifying mixers are designed for use in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for the production of ointments, gels, pastes, creams, shampoos, and similar products, including products with high viscosity.


The CosmoMix vacuum emulsifying plant provides the highest level of homogenization of the mixture and intensive mixing for a short time and with minimal energy consumption.


The plant’s design consists of a thermally insulated cylindrical vessel equipped with a heating jacket for a liquid heat-carrier or steam. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the working vessel’s design can be welded or fitted with a lifting or hinged lid. The unit is equipped with a frame agitator with a top or bottom drive and built into the bottom of the vessel’s homogenizer type rotor-stator. The CosmoMix plant in its standard configuration is equipped with a vacuum station and an automatic control system based on PLC .


The product is intensively circulated through an integrated high performance homogenizer and mixed with a horizontal agitator, providing efficient heat transfer between the sides of the vessel and the product. The special shape of the agitator and the placement of the emulsifying homogenizer ensure efficient operation of the plant using only 15% of the total volume of the vessel. Installation of a one or two-level contour of the outer recirculation is possible.


A highly hygienic design of a vacuum emulsifying mixer is made ​​in accordance with the requirements of GMP. Emulsifying CosmoMix plants designed to work in the pharmaceutical industry are supplied with validation documentation.


Basic configuration of the CosmoMix emulsifying mixer allows the production of a wide range of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, and a wide range of additional add-ons help to configure perfectly fitted equipment for any technical process within a company of any size.


Basic range of emulsifying CosmoMix mixers includes plants with a total volume of 30 to 5000 liters. It is possible to manufacture laboratory units.


The emulsifying CosmoMix plant can work independently or be integrated in with the processing line with additional equipment – melter, pre-mixer, and so on.


Features and Options

  • Production materials: Fully AISI304, AISI316 for parts in contact with the product and AISI304 for parts out of contact with the product, fully AISI316. Upon request, AISI316L, AISI316Ti, and others.
  • Any degree of surface treatment
  • Special seal materials
  • Standard configuration of the emulsifying CosmoMix mixer is designed to work under a vacuum; it is possible to manufacture the plant for operation at significant pressure
  • Any form of agitator on demand, variable speed mixer
  • One or two level outer recirculation loop is possible
  • Ability to install a multi-stage homogenizer to produce super thin emulsions and ointments
  • Possibility for installation of an external high speed homogenizer, which for certain applications may replace the use of a high pressure homogenizer
  • Feeding of ingredients with a flow meter or tensometric system
  • Device for sanitary sampling during the process
  • When inserting of powdered ingredients directly into the vacuum chamber, a homogenizer for complete wetting and uniform distribution of the deagglomerated particulates in the fluid
  • Fixed or rotary CIP balls
  • Depending on volume of the plant, installation kit includes a working platform with stairs
  • Interchangeable working elements of homogenizer allow picking the perfect type of rotor and stator for various applications
  • Advanced control system with visualization, temperature control, agitator speed, homogenizer speed, depth of the vacuum pressure; Filing several or all of the parameters in paper or electronic form
  • Explosion proof version according to ATEX
  • Developing of the individual designs on request



  • Ability to produce small and large batches at one plant, because the capacity takes from 15 to 80% of total volume
  • Due to an unlimited list of additional components, we can manufacture any design of the emulsifying mixer for the most challenging application
  • Significant time reduction for preparing a batch of products, due to the high efficiency of the processes of heating, cooling, mixing and homogenization.
  • Consistently high quality of the finished product, repeatable results from batch to batch.
  • Highly reliable construction and long-term trouble-free operation.
  • Ability to produce a wide range of products at the same plant



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